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We have specialized in publishing less known talented writers. Whether you have already written an electronic book or your work is still on your computer only, get in touch with us and let us see what we can do for you. Once a potential project passes our initial assessment phase, we take care of all the procedures to make sure it reaches libraries and bookstores as quickly as possible.

We can recognize a talented writer from miles away. We also understand that not everyone is trained to do it. We will go through your work and determine whether it can become a book. We will also proofread the final result and make the optimal corrections. We will discuss covers and other aspects and settings with you before making it public. Once everything is sealed, your book will become a bestseller.

Let others explore your quality work

Unlike other publishing agencies, we are not specialized in electronic books or a local library. Instead, we have contracts with bookstores and libraries all around the country. If your book is published, it will reach every state out there. If you are lucky enough and it becomes a bestseller, it will most likely be translated in other languages as well. What you need to know is that a published book will reach your audience regardless of the location, so get in touch.

We plant a seed today so we can admire a beautiful flower in the next yearsview portfolio

Full proofreading services for your work

Mistakes do happen. Even if you proofread the book yourself, some mistakes may still slip in. There is nothing to worry about though. We have a few proofreaders who will check every word and punctuation mark before giving it a go.

Types of cover

There are more types of cover out there. The same rule applies in terms of design and colors. We will come up with a few drafts and suggestions regarding our vision, but we would also love to hear your ideas. Talk to us about it.

Most of it goes to you

Just because we take care of the entire process for you and we help you become a renowned professional writer, it does not mean that we will try to rip you off. Our contracts favor the writer and we only charge a small sale commission.

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