How to get happily published-- everything every writer needs to know.

How to boost your book's sales. But doesn't the publisher do that? Finding a publisher. Size does matter.
Ways for publishers to raise revenues. What more can I do to make money?
Sensible Solutions for reaching readers. How can I make this book stand out?
The self publishing option. I'd rather do it myself. Especially valuable links
How to Get Happlily Published -- everything every writer needs to know.
All areas on this site are designed to help writers, publishers, self-publishers and everyone else who cares about reaching readers -- including editors, agents, booksellers, reviewers, industry observers and talk-show hosts. The aim of this site is the same as the aim of Sensible Solutions, Incorporated, and the industry classic How to Get Happily Published: to help books get into the hands of the people they were written for.

As you'll see, our pages -- Finding a publisher, How to boost your book's sales, Ways for publishers to raise revenues, The self-publishing option, How to Get Happily Published, Especially valuable links -- connect to a variety of resources. We hope you'll stop by often to take advantage of our recommendations.

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