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Who we actually are

Happily Published was established in 2013 and has gained huge notoriety overnight. We have released eight bestsellers since then, as well as dozens of well-reviewed books. Some of them got translated into multiple languages as well.

Why we do this

Happily Published was established by three former writers. We know how daunting it is to lack the funds to get yourself published and we understand that. Publishers get hundreds of manuscripts to go through. We thought about changing it.

How we get the job done

We will never ask you for the full manuscript. Instead, we ask for a five or 10 page sample. It takes 10 minutes to go through it before making a decision. This way, we can go through literally anything that is sent to us in no time.

Why choose us

We have been in your position and this is our greatest advantage. We are not a team of businesspeople, but a team of writers who know the struggles you go through. Therefore, we see things from your point of view and we excel at it.

Meet our team members

Jaine Evans

Born in 1981, Jaine Evans has written her first novel when she was 16 only. Since then, she published 13 novels and plenty of articles in magazines and newspapers. Writing is her passion – no doubts about it. Three of her books received international recognition. These days, she strives to help others show their real value by getting quality work published in a timely manner.

Jaine is currently working on a crime novel, which she thinks it will be done by the end of the year. It will obviously go public through Happily Published.

Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels was born in 1979. He found his passion for literature while he was still in school. He published his first book in 1999, after three years of running from one publisher to another and almost giving up. He knows the struggle better than anyone else, so he understands every writer pushing a sample in. His aim is to help novices improve and professionals get published.

At the moment, Jason does not have any ongoing projects. He believes he will start writing a new book within the current year, but only time will tell.

Charlie Bradford

Charlie Bradford is the business oriented member in this team. A writer himself, he got his first book published in 2000, while he was 25 years old. However, he gained national recognition three years later with a crime novel that was also translated in two other languages. He works in Happily Published with a business point of view, yet he does understand what struggling to get published is like.

Charlie is not involved in any projects right now. He plans to start another book by the next year, yet he is currently more focused on making Happily Published even greater.

Each of our team members have been in your position at some point or another, so at least you have someone who understands your situation.