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Sensible Solutions for getting happily published
Sensible Solutions for reaching readers

SENSIBLE SOLUTIONS is a book marketing firm based on the principles in How to Get Happily Published. We help authors and publishers — including self-publishers — reach their readers.


  • If you have a publisher — big or small — we'll help you get your book to the readers you wrote it for.   
  • If you're publishing your book yourself, we can edit the content for best results and provide advice on copy editing, design, and production, as well as advice on all aspects of marketing, including sales and publicity.
  • And if you are a publisher, we can be the marketing-oriented editor and/or the affordable marketing department you always wished you had for special titles. You can call us just when you need us — for a single book, a series or a new imprint.

Sensible Solutions, Inc., believes in target marketing for books, "Our target marketing moves work because they're commonsensical and logical," says Judith Appelbaum, managing director, whose classic How to Get Happily Published has now sold well over half a million copies. "The markets we target want and need the books we're introducing to them. And our clients are publishers and writers who realize that alerting readers to a book and making sure they understand what's in it for them can make the difference between success and failure."

To explore ways you might work with Sensible Solutions to get advice on marketing and/or to get editorial help that enhances marketability, email judith@happilypublished.com.

Praise for Sensible Solutions

"Sensible Solutions gave me specifics about distribution, press materials, bookstore programs and selling through libraries, catalogs, organizations, corporations and the Internet, as well as through bookstores. I've been telling all my writer friends that I think everyone should work with Sensible Solutions," says Peggy Huddleston, author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster (Angel River Press), which has gone back to press several times, is given to surgery patients in hospitals and used in nurse training programs, and was featured in a PBS special.

Provides what "a book needs for sales." — Poets and Writers magazine

"Gives the author a workable and affordable program to promote his or her own book." — Authors Guild Bulletin

"We're impressed with Sensible Solutions' contact information, their practical suggestions, and their enthusiastic approach. We're following their good advice and seeing positive results in reviews and sales." — Judith Schnell, Editorial Director and Vice President, Stackpole Books.

"Assists hundreds of small publishers and self-publishers, as well as authors from large and mid-sized houses, to prepare, design, promote and market their books." —  Publishers Marketing Association Newsletter

"Helps authors promote their works." — The New York Times

Sensible Solutions is "a company dedicated to providing advice and assistance tailored to individual titles." — Publishers Weekly

, managing director of Sensible Solutions, Inc., and author of the classic How to Get Happily Published, has been helping writers, publishers and self-publishers succeed for more than thirty years.

Winner of the Publishers Marketing Association's Lifetime Achievement Award and the Book Industry Study Group's Lifetime Service Award, she specializes in devising ways to attract enthusiastic readers; she has edited both fiction and nonfiction books for Sensible Solutions clients, and she has worked inside major publishing media including The New York Times Book Review, where she was a reviewer and columnist, and Publishers Weekly, where she was the managing editor. While running Sensible Solutions, she also served as the editor of the IBPA Independent for 15 years.

Her groundbreaking book, How to Get Happily Published, has sold well over 500,000 copies and she says she'll never stop trying to make the book business work better for authors, publishers and readers.

Judith Appelbaum's articles have been published in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Harper's, The Writer, Small Press, Mother Earth News, the Authors Guild Bulletin, the Independent, Media Studies Journal and Poets & Writers magazine.

She founded Sensible Solutions to provide specific recommendations about marketing so that good books won't fizzle and die because they didn't get to the right readers in the right ways at the right times.

To learn more:

Sensible Solutions, Inc.


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